Music plays a crucial role in fitness classes. Fitness music assists the instructor in creating a well-organized class by providing beats and phrases to motivate participants. Incorporating group fitness music in class can be a fun component in designing a class setup, but for you to use it well, it is important to understand the music first. This article will discuss some of the factors to consider when choosing music for group fitness classes.


It is worth noting that when choosing group fitness music, the classes you train should act as your guide. For instance, if you train elderly folks who have health issues and have their flexibility is limited, you need to choose a slow beat music at this website, and the best type of music for this category of people should be below 100 BPM.


But if you are a fitness instructor offering classes such as martial arts classes, then you need to select songs that range between 130- 160 beats per minute. In light of choosing fitness music, the music you choose must change the general experience of the members you are dealing with. Once you incorporate good fitness instructor music with a good class setup, you are confident that you will run a smooth gym.


With that in mind, it is crucial to know the taste of music your group prefers. If for example, you deal with younger people who are between the ages of 20 and 30 years, you have to select the right music that favors all the members carefully. More so, when choosing music for group fitness, it is crucial that you deliberate on the gender of your members. Once you identify their preferences, you should then choose the songs that are in line with the mandated levels of BPM.


Apart from the BPM levels, consider the music volume. Make sure that the music you select is not loud. It is recommended that the volume of music in a gym should follow the guidelines set by OSHA. Otherwise, you will damage the participants' eardrums once you play loud music in your gym. Work with a noise range of about eighty-five decibels. You can also learn more tips on how to Music For Fitness instructors, just visit



Lastly, if you have to adjust the music in your gym,  make sure that the bass is high, and the trembling sound of the music is low. What's more, ensure that the volume of the music will not counteract your voice. Your group members must listen to your instructions without straining and ensure that they repeat what you say. Therefore, before selecting music for a group fitness class, ensure that you consider the factors above.